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Remstats was written by Thomas Erskine at the CRC in Canada and now looking for work.

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FAQ for remstats

  1. What is remstats?

    Remstats is a system of programs to:

    • gather network accessible data via SNMP and its own servers,
    • store and maintain the data for long periods,
    • produce graphs and web-pages tieing them together
    • monitor the data for anomalous behaviour and issue alerts
  2. Where can I get it?

    The latest stable version is 1.0.13a. You can get it at The current development version is 1.0.13a. You can find it with all the other versions in the source archive. As most of it is perl scripts, there is no binary version.

  3. How do I ...?

    Just a sec, there's lots of documentation online on how to set this up. You found the FAQ and that's good, but in order to get remstats installed and configured, you're going to have to read at least the prerequisites, and installation sections and all their sub-sections. Go do that now before bothering to read the rest of this FAQ. You'll need to do it anyway and it ought to answer most of the questions about getting going. Complain if it doesn't.

    If you'd prefer to print something and read it offline, you can look at or book.pdf. Note: The pdf translation is really slow loading. Be patient.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled FAQ.


This is only a proto-faq, covering the things I couldn't figure out where else to put.

  1. snmp-collector complains that I don't have SNMP_Session installed, but I don't want SNMP. Do I have to collect and install it?

    No you don't. If you're still using the old run-remstats, modify the collectors line in the general config-file to exclude snmp. If you're using run-remstats2, just change the run-stages collectors config-file to comment out the the lines for the various SNMP-based collectors, primarily snmp-collector.

  2. I modified the RRD definition, adding a new RRA, but remstats is ignoring it. How do I do this?

    Sorry. At the moment, remstats won't propagate any changes to the RRD structure after creation. Some changes, like extending RRAs and changing min/max for DSs can be done manually with rrdtool. If you do use rrdtool manually, I recommend that you modify the rrd definition as well, to keep them in sync. At some point in the future, I'd like to try to do this kind of update, and it's more likely to succeed if remstats' rrd definition matches what's in the actual RRD.

  3. How do I move the remstats installation to another directory or machine?

    The best way to do this is to a complete new installation in the new location and then copy the config and data directories to the new installation. As usual, make sure that the files and directories end up owned by the remstats user. =back 4

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