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Remstats was written by Thomas Erskine at the CRC in Canada and now looking for work.

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new-config - make a new config-dir


new-config version 1.17 from remstats 1.0.13a
usage: new-config [options] new-config-dir
where options are:
    -d ddd  set debug level to 'ddd'
    -f fff  use 'fff' as config-base [/home/groups/r/re/remstats/etc/config-base]
    -h      show this text


new-config makes a new config-dir and populates it. Things which you're less likely to want to change are symlink'ed into the new config-dir. Things which you are expected to change, are copied. Look at your new config-dir to see which things are symlinks and which aren't.

It's also a good idea to check everything in the new config-dir for the string FIXME, which is used to indicate something which can't be figured out automatically by configure, but still needs to be changed. You could use a shell command like the following to get a list of files:

	% find /new/config/dir -type f -exec grep -l FIXME {} /dev/null \;

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