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Remstats was written by Thomas Erskine at the CRC in Canada and now looking for work.

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nt-discover - find and add new NT hosts


nt-discover version 1.8 from remstats 1.0.13a
usage: ../nt-discover [options]
where options are:
    -d nnn  enable debugging output at level 'nnn'
    -f fff  use 'fff' for the config-dir [/home/groups/r/re/remstats/etc/config]
    -h      show this help
    -s      update status files even if host data-dir found
    -t ttt  use 'ttt' as timeout (in seconds) [10]


Note: Nt-discover is not called new-nt-hosts because it is a different kind of program. Instead of you providing a list of hosts to add, it finds them itself.

Using information supplied in the discovery config-file, nt-discover will contact a host running the nt-status-server, and run three separate queries:

  • NET-VIEW will give a list of hosts to check
  • USRSTAT will give a list of NT users (currently unused, but may be interesting)
  • SRVINFO (for each of the hosts found in the first step) will give some more details on each host and write new host config-files for each new one. It will not update an existing host config-file.

It will create files under /home/groups/r/re/remstats/data/NT to store the discovered hosts and users.

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