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split-config - convert a config-file to a config-dir


split-config version 1.3
usage: ../split-config [options] configfile configdir
where options are:
	-d	enable debugging output
	-h	show this help


This is the conversion program to convert an old-style config-file (everything in one file) into the new-style config-dir (a directory containing files and sub-directories. For the layout of the new config-dir, see the <docs|configuration>.

It also deals with the other configuration changes which came with version 0.12.1:

  • the [html] group is now documented and split-config will create it in the likely case that it's missing.
  • All the web-page creation stuff that was in the [general] section has been moved to the html config-file.
  • The [groups] section has been separated out into the groups file.

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